Octopuses trying to save our Bees – watch the video.

My son Adam Bell’s Brighton-based band Octopuses are releasing their new video today, Not The Bees, which is a witty, characteristically zany and rather beautiful song about, yes, bees. Behind the humour…

The Last Brexiter exits – what a load of wallies!

Exited BREXITER Andrea Leadsom stands down from the Conservative leadership election. So there they all go! Whoops. After the Leave campaign in Britain’s EU Referendum claimed victory, it all looked like celebration…

What should we BREXIT from next?

  Horrified grenadier guard hears the EU Referendum result. So now that Britain has caught the Referendum habit and voted to leave the European Union, what next? Shock horror is still taking…

Little England let the dogs out.

I’m sorry fellow Europeans, I voted remain as did many other people here in Britain, please lets strive to remain friends. The country has voted and the result is official. The United…

Are You In Or Out? I Know What I Think

    I’ve been tempted to stay silent through the EU Referendum campaign here in the United Kingdom assuming, after last year’s depressing General Election result when 26% of the electorate voted…

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I am Colin Bell, a UK novelist and poet, previously a TV producer-director of arts programmes for British, American, German and Japanese broadcasters. I am also known as the blogger Wolfie Wolfgang. My two novels are Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love (Ward Wood Publishing, 2013) and Blue Notes, Still Frames (Ward Wood Publishing, 2017). They are both available in paperback or as Kindle editions. My debut poetry collection, Remembering Blue (Ward Wood Publishing 2019) is now available. My poetry has been published in various journals and anthologies in the UK and the USA.

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Blue Notes, Still Frames

It's Brighton in 1994 Busker Joe lives on the beach with his flute and his troubled Goth girlfriend, Victoria, who’s a singer. He borrows a bath towel for her from Rachel and Alan, a prosperous young couple from the rapidly growing world of computers. The meeting will change all their lives…and other lives too.
There’s Harry, a beach bum drummer; Nico, a transient American who takes revealing photographs of passers-by; Kanti and Diep, mysterious artist twins from Nepal; Lionel and John who reveal more than their bodies on the nudist beach; and pub landladies Jacqueline and Rosemary who top up their income by dabbling in the sex trade.
Joe is always there, somewhere, weaving more than melodies with his flute.

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The Kindle edition is available from Amazon.

Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love

It's 1967 and the start of the Summer of Love. In Brighton, Stephen Dearsley is tempted and intimidated by the way his generation is casting off traditional ways of dress along with the old ways of thinking. His ambition to become a biographer is fulfilled when he's commissioned to research the life story of the mysterious Austin Randolph.

Buy the paperback edition with free worldwide postage at

The Kindle edition is available from Amazon.

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